Termination of pregnancy is done if the couple or the lady do not wish to carry on with the pregnancy and request a termination on social grounds or due to failure of contraception or because the fetus is unhealthy. Termination of pregnancy can legally be done in India only up to 20 weeks and not beyond. Safe termination of pregnancy is extremely important and hence a gynaecological opinion and inputs are very important. Do not visit quacks for this procedure as it can put your life at risk. There are two ways of performing termination; medical and surgical, and these options will be detailed to you along with their risks and benefits, pros and cons and the actual procedure. I believe in holistic care and I would take a detailed history and understand your lifestyle and other risks that you may have been exposed to, in order to give you full and complete holistic advice during the consultation. It is important to understand that the termination has its own risks & will have to be managed by a trained professional with the expertise do so.

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