Uterine cancer is cancer originating from the inner lining of the womb also called endometrium. If a lady in her reproductive age, peri-menopausal age or even post-menopausal age has abnormal bleeding which includes very heavy periods, intermenstrual bleeding or bleeding in between the cycles or postcoital bleeding which is bleeding after intercourse, or bleeding after menopause i.e the whole year following the last period, it definitely would require a sampling of the endometrium or biopsy of endometrium in order to detect abnormal cells which may or may not indicate cancer.

Many a times these abnormalities may be related to excessive growth of the endometrium also called hyperplasia and may not need a major surgical operation. However, if cancer cells are detected, this would need surgical operation such as hysterectomy or chemotherapy, radiotherapy depending on the degree and the stage of the cancer.

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