Here’s how to handle PMS

BENGALURU : Premenstrual syndrome or more commonly known as PMS, can be mild or severe enough to affect the quality of a woman’s life. It’s important to understand what PMS actually means and how best one can manage themselves and also when to seek help. This can trouble as many as three quarters of woman […]

Understanding the rise of mental health issues amongst adolescents

We have all experienced occasional blues, sudden tantrum, a megalomaniac spell or a panic attack even. Adolescents aged 10-19 go through a cacophony of physical, mental, emotional and psychosocial transformation and it’s not surprising that they are likely to experience more of such ‘spells’. However, the vast majority of young people go through adolescence without […]

Empathy: An important tool for doctors

Times are changing and so are expectations. Advancements in diagnosis and treatment are going on at an exponential rate. A newly qualified doctor would have to update him or herself regularly with all these ever changing advancements. However, the skill of being able to connect, relate and empathise with the patient remains a vital skill […]

How to care for your mental health if you’ve experienced a miscarriage

A few years ago, Time magazine reported that close to 30 per cent of pregnancies end in miscarriages. Other estimates say that at least one in four women in the United States will experience a miscarriage at some point. In India, a study of 2400 women showed that 32 per cent of the respondents had gone through a miscarriage. Miscarriage occurs […]

Safe Termination Of Pregnancy And Family Planning

Personal choices have to be a woman’s prerogative especially when it comes to her fertility and family planning. It is not uncommon for me to see women who wish to postpone their pregnancy the to late thirties, sometimes even early forties. I also see women who request for termination of pregnancy on the basis of […]

The effect of PCOS on women’s fertility, periods, weight gain and more, explained

A significant number of women in India have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a hormonal disorder that’s perfectly manageable when treated correctly. Around 12-15% of the women in India have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), but the information remains limited. One of the foremost indicators for women with PCOS is that they have irregular cycles — cycles which […]

Everything you need to know about pregnancy in your late thirties

Embarking on a pregnancy only in late thirties is becoming common for various reasons such as, finding a partner late, awaiting career stabilisation, etc. BENGALURU: Embarking on a pregnancy only in late thirties is becoming common for various reasons such as, finding a partner late, awaiting career stabilization, etc. Many concerns may arise in one’s […]