I have been consulting with Dr. Aruna since the beginning of my pregnancy. She has been very helpful throughout. She is very methodical and clear in her approach. During the corona time Dr. Aruna took all the necessary Precautions and kept me at all times.My delivery progressed the way I wanted all thanks to Dr. Aruna and her team. It’s due to the doctors confidence and encouragement that I was able to do a natural delivery of my baby.

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Seena Muralidharan

Dr Aruna is extremely warm and treats her patients really well. I was fortunate to be treated under her throughout my pregnancy. she would call out the concerns wherever however also ensure best practices for it. She would always recommend dos and don’ts so the patient knows what exactly is needed during the course of treatment or pregnancy or any other treatment that she specialises in. She is also available for her patients apart from appointments and visits in the phone if required. Thank you Dr for giving me a great first time mother experience!

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Shilpa Nambiar

My experience with Dr Aruna was a reassuring and soothing one. Of an amicable and encouraging personality, she is all ears to any complaint that the patient might have. I would recommend the Doctor primarily for her swift call to action and dedicated pre and post delivery care. During a time as difficult as the COVID-19 pandemic, she was accessible at all times and successfully and confidently took me through my first delivery.

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Baniaz Hayila

she is friendly and understanding She always makes sure I’m okay, and I love her medical assistants as well…m so glad to choose doctor i like u……i very happy to give ua feedback…and thank u so muchhhh


I had a C-section section delivery for my second kid due to multiple complications, including the baby in traverse position. She explained us the complications and what needs to be done about it. I got recovered very quickly after delivery compared to my first kid. I’m very satisfied with the treatment.


I have visited Dr. Aruna for gynae problems initially and most recently for treatment and advice post missed miscarriage. All this while, I have been extremely happy. She had a wonderful attitude and care towards her patients that brings up the confidence after consultations with her. During treatment, Dr. Aruna made sure to connect with me and ensured that I understood what was going on, to let go off any stress and worry, and made me feel positive like everytime. If there were any reports that were concerning, she made sure that there was a solution for better health. Her friendly nature and energy is always very comforting.

Priyanga Bora Hazarika

Doctor is very friendly, she listens to all your concerns very peacefully and then gives you the treatment in the best possible way. She explains the problems very clearly and will explain us how the treatment will help us to recover. I have visited many doctors but Dr. Aruna helps to gain confidence to recover fast.

K v m pavani

Happy withDoctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction

“I was beyond impressed with my experience with Dr Aruna Muralidhar and I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind she was and how fast she was at getting back to me! A lot of doctors don’t realize how important it is to have administration like her. I often use to get answers to all my phone calls, email, messages within the same hour.NOne can replace Dr.Aruna in my life

The motherly care I received from her throughout my pregnancy journey cannot be mentioned in 100 words. Thank you doctor for everything .

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Mrs.Sharon Prem

Visited ForIrregular Menses Treatment

Happy withDoctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time

I liked the fact that in 1 visit she not only diagnosed the problem but took care of that very which was troubling for months. Did whatever was required & best part was that she kind of covered everything be it medical history or current situation & evaluated ****** treatment.

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Shipra Singh
We had an amazing experience with doctor ..Right from consultation till post surgery it was a complete family touch .. Very fortunate to have such wonderful human being as a doctor … Her caring , motivation and guidance was way beyond from my expectation and made me complete speechless .Her ability of understanding patient and the way she approach is really awesome ..
I would strongly recommend everyone to visit this doctor without thinking for a second …
Susheela benjamin